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Okay first off. No need to be a bitch. Second yeah okay maybe Riker and Rocky write most of the songs and trust me honey we know that Ross isn’t the only one in R5 were shippers not fucking idiots. But we’re shippers for fuck sake!! Do you really expect us to stop and not think these things?!?! Umm you girl need to look up the word shippers and fandoms. And yes Riker and Rocky do write the majority of the songs but guess who sings most of the lines of those songs??? Oh! Right! Ross! Just because he didn’t write them doesn’t mean that when he sings them he doesn’t think of Laura…I’m mean with lyrics like that? Who wouldn’t!?! And can you also explain the fact that the lyrics describe raura’s relationship perfectly? Yeah didn’t think so. And I’m pretty sure Ross helped write those songs as well so sweetie…we will not stop over analyzing things and connect them to raura moments. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done. And we’re not gonna stop. And it’s not just things like songs R5 sing it’s interviews pictures etc. so you sweetie can stop yourself. ✋

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